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Spice up your happy foodie moments with the best spices of Enter Foods.
Usage of proper spices is necessary to make a perfect meal, regardless of where you live in the world. A good pinch of Enter Spices changes the game in cooking.

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Why Choose Us?

All good pantries begin with a variety of critical dry spices. If you're a fan of cooking, these affordable flavour enhancers are a must-have. This is why Enter Foods delivers premium quality spices sourced from around the world, especially for you. Whether you are a house cook or a professional chef, our supreme quality spices are helping you all to create magical moments.

Enter Spices | Ground Cardamom


We choose highly assorted ingredients to make your food delicious.


We are a Canadian company and our vision is to serve the premium quality products to the nation.


We don't just have premium packaging that only looks great, but also they are super durable and easy to store.

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We are coming soon to your nearby stores.

Already available in Foodland,
Little Bee Farmer's Market & Iqbal Foods 

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Delivered to your door.

Our monthly subscription plans are coming soon!

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Our History

Enter Foods is the name of quality that implies purity and inherent strength. Our company's products are designed to provide only the purest spices. Our goal is to ensure that you do not lose out on any cuisine or ingredient's authenticity.

Every detail of our product is meticulously considered. The greatest, in our opinion, are capable of producing the best. As a result, we get our raw materials from farmers in different world regions to ensure their authenticity. That's why we're able to provide our customers with the most significant possible items.

Spices you fell in love with while traveling overseas, the secret finishing salt you use in your family recipe, or a fully salt-free mix for daily cooking – we're ready to deliver you all at your doorstep! Our spices and herbs come from all around the globe, but we like to purchase Canadian wherever possible.

Whether you're looking for something sweet, savoury, or in-between, we've got something for you. Every aspect of Enter Foods focuses on doing things correctly and according to our innate ideas.

We have trusted suppliers; we give the finest spices for our brand. Our little organization believes in making a huge impact. In our view, families aren't usually made up of people related to one another. We believe in performing good deeds for others and assisting our community. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and always treat our visitors with tremendous respect and decency.

Additionally, we ensure that our goods are made, packaged, stored, and transported by the highest hygienic and international quality standards by conducting frequent quality audits. We aim to work in all sorts of basic spices, blended spices, seasoning items, and instant food mixes in local and foreign markets. To unlock the potential and bring genuine value is our guiding approach to technological advancements and innovation.

The traditional flavour may be added to your dishes using our spices and condiments made from the best and cleanest ingredients. We only acquire spices that have been organically preserved to have a high amount of nutrients. Ultra-modern equipment is used for sorting, cleaning, grinding, and packing. 

We employ Cool Grinding Technology to ground the spices uniformly and finely, preserving their flavour and aroma for a more extended amount of time. We believe in leading the pack, and we are setting a new bar for the quality and purity of spices. Spices include volatile and heat-sensitive essential oils lost during the typical grinding process. 

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