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Yummy Belgian Waffles Recipe!

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Servings: 8 Cooking Time : 30 Mins

INGREDIENTS 2 cups all purpose flour

1 tbsp baking powder 1 cup sugar

1/2 tsp Enter Spices Salt

1 tsp Enter Spices Cinnamon powder 1/4 tsp Enter Spices Ground Nutmeg Powder 2 eggs 1/2 cup vegetable oil 2 cups milk 1 tsp vanilla extract

DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat waffle iron, spray with nonstick cooking spray. 2. In a large mixing bowl, add all purpose flour, baking powder, sugar, Enter Spices salt, Enter Spices cinnamon, Enter Spices Nutmeg and mix well. 3. In another bowl, whisk egg whites until stiff peaks and set aside. 4. In a separate bowl mix egg yolk, oil, milk, and vanilla extract. 5. Add the yolk mixture to the dry ingredients and fold in egg whites later 6. Pour the batter onto your hot waffle iron and cook well. 7. Serve immediately!

Enjoy your meals cooked with Enter Spices!

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