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Enter Spices knows the value of salt. We produce iodized table salt that you would use every day. Our brand has the most acceptable table salt you will find in the market. We don't compromise with our products. If you use it even once, you will know why we are so confident with our products.

Table Salt 1kg

1 Kilogram
  • Table salt or ordinary salt is essential for every household. This spice needs no introduction and is the most commonly used in everyday cooking.

    Enter Spices iodized Table Salt is a premium quality spice that will enhance the taste of your meals immensely. 

    You can add it as it is to your food or combine it with other spices by Enter Foods to make your DIY spices or marinades.

    Enter Spices Table salt is available in a 1Kg stand-up pouch, and it comes with a ziplock to seal its freshness.

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